How to Clear Safari Bookmarks?

You might have added bookmarks to your Safari browser when you found any webpage which you want to reuse on your Mac systems. Whether it may be an informative page or any entertaining page, any page if you want to reuse and won’t be able to use it at that moment then you bookmark it. If you do not need them anymore then it is of waste to use keep them. It is also tough for you to find important webpages when lot of bookmarks pile up in your Safari. It even consumes more storage space. Therefore it becomes necessary to clean Safari Bookmarks to keep it in organized manner. You can do it using options on Safari on Mac computers.

The detailed procedure is as given below,

  • 1. Open Safari browser and on the opened browser you will get an icon of open-book
  • 2. Click on the open-book icon, you will get the list of bookmarks. In the left column, you will get folders namely, News and Sports where the webpages are collected by categories. In right column, individual bookmarks appear
  • 3. You will not be able to view list of bookmarks sometimes if Cover Flow view covers it. Place the cursor on handle below Cover Flow and drag up. You will get the bookmarks list
  • 4. Select bookmarks or the collection of bookmarks that you want to remove and right click on it to edit. Then select “Delete” option to delete selected bookmarks
  • 5. If you want to delete all bookmarks then select all and delete as described in above step. Then close the window by clicking on open-book icon finally

It is very complicated many a times to clear Safari Bookmarks on your Macintosh machines using above procedure. You might also not have time to use the above method. Sometimes you might have added some webpages which you do not want anyone to know about. In such situations, you can’t take a chance by cleaning Safari Bookmark by yourself by searching for ways to clean Bookmarks. In such situations Remo MORE software helps you to clean Safari Bookmarks efficiently within few clicks.

Remo MORE for cleaning Safari Bookmarks:

Remo MORE can be used to clean Safari Bookmarks easily on Mac computers. This utility has simple interface which makes it easy to use. This application provides you the option to clean Safari Bookmarks. You can clean bookmarks that you want to and keep rest of the pages. You can clean Internet History, Download History, etc. using this app. This program helps you to clean even apps junk, system junk and so on. This tool has capability to work on remote devices also with the implementation of cloud technology in it. Download it now for free and make the most of it on your Mac systems. If you get struck anywhere, you can always take the help of support team who will be listening to you anytime.

Simple procedure to clean Safari Bookmarks using Remo MORE:

Step 1: Download and install Mac version of Remo MORE software on your computer. Run the software and click on “Optimize” option to get the main screen as shown in Fig A. Then click on “Privacy Cleaner” option from the screen.

Clean Safari Bookmarks - Main Screen

Fig A: Main Screen

Step 2: Next screen will be displayed as shown in Fig B. Select “Clean Browser Junk” from the screen.

Clean Safari Bookmarks - Privacy Cleaner Main Screen

Fig B: Privacy Cleaner Main Screen

Step 3: Select “Settings” and click on “Cookies” as shown in Fig C. You will get the bookmarks, you can check whether you have any important Bookmarks before cleaning and click on “Close” option.

Clean Safari Bookmarks - Privacy Cleaner Settings Cookies<

Fig C: Privacy Cleaner Settings Cookies

Step 4: Then you can select your Safari browser and check all the options like Internat Histoty, Cookies, etc. to clean as shown in Fig D. Bookmarks come under Cookies as we saw in above step. Click on “Clean” then. The browser junk will be cleaned.

Clean Safari Bookmarks - Clean Browser Junk

Fig D: Clean Browser Junk