How to Compress PST File?


Microsoft Outlook is a part of Microsoft Office Suite. The current versions of Outlook are Microsoft Office Outlook 2013 for Windows and Microsoft Office Outlook 2011 for Mac. It is the most widely used email application that consists of many features such as contacts, calendar, notes and task management. It uses a data file called PST or Personal Storage Table to maintain all your Outlook data. PST file stores all your Outlook mailbox items such as, email messages, contacts, calendars, appointments, tasks, distribution list, etc. With regular update of emails and huge email attachments, the size of the PST keeps increasing. Due to this, Outlook responds very slowly and sometimes hangs while opening a file.

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When you delete some of the items from your Outlook mailbox, its size might not decrease. All the deleted items go to the “Deleted Items” folder, and by this way they are still present in the file. An Outlook PST file has a size limit, which means it can’t store more data than its size limit. Therefore when it reaches that particular size limit, there are chances for PST files to get corrupt. Whenever a PST file reaches its size limit, it can’t be opened or loaded in Outlook. T o avoid corruption of the oversized PST file, you can reduce or compress PST file. By managing the mailbox items and simply reducing the size of PST files, the size of PST file can be compressed. Outlook PST files can be weird at times due to improper maintenance or some unknown errors. Sometimes, while you exit MS Outlook, a dialogue box suddenly appears prompting you to compact PST. Although there are many compression tools on the internet but, the best Remo MORE Software should be your first priority to Compress PST File.

Benefits of Compressing PST File:

  • 1. Can reclaim the free space available in the PST file
  • 2. Microsoft Outlook performance can be improved
  • 3. Compressed Outlook PST files frees up hard drive space

PST file compression by manual method can’t be considered as an appropriate way. It is better to use Remo MORE Software, which compresses PST File with ease. This software uses special algorithm for performing PST file compression. It has unique features which makes it special and different from others. It safely performs pst file compress process without causing any damage or data loss. It only removes extra and unused space from PST files and maintains all the attachments during PST file compression. Te software provides an encryption feature to encrypt compressed files. With the help of this software, you can easily transfer archived folder to another location or storage device to have more space. You can also assign password protection to the compressed files. You can also use Open/Update Rzip file option to open and update the existing .rzip and .zip files. This tool has user friendly interface. The best part of the software is that it is completely free of cost. Hence, it is the best software to Compress PST File.

Steps for Compressing PST File using Remo MORE Software:

Step 1: Download and Install the demo version of the software and Run the software. Select “Compress & Burn” option from the “Manage” screen.

How to Compress PST File? - Main Screen

Fig 1: Manage Screen

Step 2: Next, Select “Zip” option from the compress screen to compress PST file.

How to Compress PST File? - Compress Screen

Fig 2: Compress screen

Step 3: From this Window select “Create New Rzip File” from Zip screen.

How to Compress PST File? - Zip Screen<

Fig 3: Zip Screen

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Step 4: Through this Window Specify Filename.

How to Compress PST File? - Filename Screen

Fig 4: Filename Screen

Step 5: From this Window set Password for the Zip file.

How to Compress PST File? - Password Screen

Fig 5: Password Screen

Step 6: Next, Add Files to the Zip and then click on “Compress” button.

How to Compress PST File? - Add Files Screen

Fig 6: Add Files Screen

Step 7: Once the compression is completed, you’ll get confirmation message.

How to Compress PST File? - Completed Screen

Fig 7: Completed Screen

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