How to Fix Errors in PST File?

  • A fine tool to deal with various Outlook PST and OST errors

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PST file on Microsoft Outlook might get damaged due to many reasons. When you try to open a broken PST file, you encounter one among the following errors –

1. “The file abcd.pst is not a personal folders file.”

A PST file is composed of two parts- file header & data part. The file header contains information like file type, creation date, size, etc. regarding the corresponding PST file. If by chance the header gets corrupt, you will encounter the above-mentioned error as Outlook will not be able to recognize the file. So, there is no wonder to question- how to fix Outlook.pst is not a personal folders file in this    

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2. “Microsoft Outlook has encountered a problem and needs to close. Sorry for the inconvenience.”

Due to insufficient system resources, a virus impact on Outlook application or PST file corruption Outlook will throw this error & quit.

3. “Errors have been detected in the file abcd.pst. Quit Outlook and all mail-enabled applications, and then use the Inbox repair tool (Scanpst.exe) to diagnose and repair errors in the file. For more information about the Inbox repair tool, see Help.”

Sometimes when the header of the PST file gets corrupted, Outlook still keeps on reading the file & then throw this error. Scanpst.exe is an inbuilt application that comes with MS Outlook but it is not capable enough to overcome all these errors. How to fix PST errors? Use PST file repair tool when Scanpst cannot fix Outlook.pst errors. Continue reading about this to know the detailed process of fixing corrupted PST file.

4. “The file abcd.pst could not be found.”

This error occurs if the PST file is corrupted or it is located on a network server that is unavailable. It is advised that PST files should be stored on a local device rather than on a remote server.

5. “The file abcd.pst could not be accessed. Access denied.”

When Outlook is unable to read hierarchy information from the file, it shows this error. For this you need a PST file repair tool to fix Outlook folders and make them accessible again.

6. “abcd.pst cannot be accessed – 0x80040116.”

This occurs if the index of the PST file is damaged.

7. “Data Error (Cycle redundancy check)”

CRC or Cycle Redundancy Check error occurs if the PST file is corrupted or its index is damaged due to file system corruption or a malware infection or improper shutdown of the system when MS Outlook is opened.

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To get rid of any of the above-mentioned errors, you should make use of the PST File Repair Tool. This software can restore lost calendar (take a look at this page for more info regarding calendar recovery, Deleted Items, Sent and Inbox mails in an effective way. This software fix Outlook.pst errors of the mailbox (.pst files) & save the recovered data in a new personal storage file format (PST) to ensure that the source PST file is not overwritten. During the repair process, the tool also recover emails from PST files & other attributes like tasks, contacts, journals, calendar items, notes, etc. at fingertips

Easy steps on how to fix PST errors –

1. Download and install the software on your computer to fix Outlook PST errors.

2. Select “Open PST File”, “Find PST File” or “Select Outlook Profile” option according to your need to fix Outlook.pst errors.

How to fix PST errors - Main Screen

3. Select the scan type “Normal” or “Smart Scan” & the destination path to save the repaired PST file.

How to fix PST errors - Select scan type & destination

4. Preview summary report of the repaired file.

How to fix PST errors - Preview summary report

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