How to Fix PST File & Recover Outlook Folders?

  • User-friendly tool to fix corrupt PST file and recover deleted/lost Outlook folders

  • Recovers deleted emails, contacts, journals, notes, and other items of PST file

  • Supports all version of Outlook including Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010, and earlier versions

  • Fixes all kinds of errors associated with Outlook PST file

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MS Outlook personal folder (.pst file) stores all the emails & other attributes like notes, calendar, reminders, journals, contacts & more, as a local storage. The default location of Outlook.pst file is “C:\Documents and Settings\USER_NAME\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook”, where USER_NAME is your Windows Login name.

Sometimes this personal folder gets corrupted & you are not able to access your Outlook profile. You will not be able to read mails from Inbox, Outbox, Drafts, Sent Items, etc. or create any notes, reminders or contacts. Whenever you try to access any of these items, you will encounter error messages. A slow working Outlook is also one symptom of the PST file getting corrupted. MS Outlook tries to repair PST errors sometimes on its own when you start it. You will see a window saying that Outlook is attempting to repair your mailbox folders. But if the corruption is more, this is not enough. To overcome these corruptions, Microsoft has included an Inbox Repair Tool (Scanpst.exe) that gets installed when you install MS Outlook.

But even Scanpst cannot repair corrupt PST file under all corruption scenarios. It can only fix the damage that is caused by Outlook itself. If any third-party tool is responsible for the errors, Scanpst fails. Even if there are errors, Scanpst shows that there are no errors in the file. So, you need an external repair tool like PST Repair Software that can efficiently repair the Outlook personal folder & recovers all the emails & other items. Check out the site to know how the tool fixes the corruption issues when scanpst.exe fails to repair broken PST file.

Outlook folders might get corrupted due to following reasons –

  • Corruption of .pst file when stored over a remote server or used over the network.
  • PST file header corruption that makes the Outlook profile inaccessible.
  • Damage of PST file if it crosses 2 GB size limit in case of Outlook 2003 and earlier versions.
  • Compressing or zipping the .pst file might also corrupt it.
  • Outlook personal folders corrupted due to recovery error or incomplete recovery due to fragmentation of the PST file.
  • A serious malware infection in the system that damages the file system, thereby making all the files including the PST files corrupted.

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PST File Repair can easily handle all the above-mentioned corruption issues and restore emails from damaged PST file just by following simple steps so that you can access your Outlook personal folders & other Outlook attributes. It has advanced support to retrieve large attachments & HTML messages from the Outlook folder. PST file repair can also fix PST files of Outlook profiles that are password protected. Emails are recovered in HTML or plain text or RTF format. If you want to repair OST file from Outlook 2007 or other Outlook version, you should continue reading here.

Steps on how to repair Outlook folders –

1. Install and run the application on your computer

2. Select the appropriate option from the main screen. It shows “Open PST File”, “Find PST File” & “Select Outlook Profile” options.

Repair Outlook Folders - Main Screen

3. Choose the type of scan & the destination path to save the repaired file.

Repair Outlook Folders - Select scan type & destination

4. Preview the summary report of the repaired PST file.

Repair Outlook Folders - Preview summary report

Tip –

Never make your PST file very large. The larger your PST file gets, there are more chances for it to become corrupted. This happens because if the PST file size increases, Outlook needs more resources to complete the tasks, so it becomes slower and more prone to errors.

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